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'Commander 2018': Inside the Commander Arena

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'Commander 2018': Inside the Commander Arena WOTC / GEEKNIFTY

Four competitors -- Jace the Mind Sculptor, Feroz the Academic, Spike the Tournament Grinder, and Johnny the Combo Player -- step inside of the Commander Arena and compete against one another to see which of the four Commander 2018 decks for Magic: The Gathering is the best right out of the box.

Jace is piloting Adaptive Enchantment featuring Estrid, the Masked as its commander.  Feroz is the force behind Subjective Reality and its commander, Aminatou, the Fateshifter.  The tournament grinder, Spike, is manning Nature's Vengeance powered by the old-school planeswalker, Lord Windgrace.  And, finally, Johnny the Combo Player is playing Exquisite Invention and its commander, Sahelli the Gifted.

So, who is this year's Commander Arena champion?  Watch the video below to find out.


Wizards of the Coast provided all four Commander 2018 decks for the purpose of this video. This video originally appeared on GeekNifty.