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Is it worth it to buy a 'Theros Beyond Death' prerelease kit?

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Is it worth it to buy a 'Theros Beyond Death' prerelease kit? MAGIC UNTAPPED

After a set launches it's not uncommon for an LGS to put its leftover prerelease kits up for sale.  What's nice about that is that they're typically priced much less expensive than the set's bundle (typically around $25 or so), though they do contain fewer contents.

We picked one up from one of our LGSs.  Was it money well spent?  Check out in the video below:

So, what do you get in your prerelease kit?  In the case of Theros Beyond Death, that would be a spindown life counter die, "how to play" insert, a foil date-stamped promo card, and six booster packs.  That works out to $4.19 per pack, which is more-or-less what you'd pay at the big box stores at the register with the bonus being the spindown die and the promo rare.

Compare that to a bundle ($34), which comes with ten boosters, 40 basic lands (half of which are foil), an oversized spindown die, storage box, and an alternate art Arasta of the Endless Web card.  Even without all of that extra stuff, boosters alone you're looking $3.40 each -- nearly 80¢ cheaper per pack than in the prerelease pack.  Throw in all of the rest of the items and you can argue that the packs are probably closer to $3 flat apiece.

A 36-pack booster box ($97), by the way, brings that per-pack cost to a nice and low $2.70.

Of course, it doesn't matter how many packs you get or (to a degree) how much those packs cost if you don't pull enough to justify the price.  To see how we fared with ours, be sure to watch the video above.

Did you wind up picking up one of your LGS' leftover prerelease kits?  If so, let us know your pulls in the comment section below.

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