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Thursday, 20 February 2020 14:17

Limited/constructed hybrid set 'Jumpstart' announced for July release

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Limited/constructed hybrid set 'Jumpstart' announced for July release WOTC

Wizards of the Coast announces Jumpstart, a new Magic: The Gathering set that is designed to draw "on the best parts of limited and constructed Magic."

Coming out July 3, Jumpstart boosters features 20-card boosters.  All 20 cards in that booster fit a theme with most themes having multiple variations.  Lands are also included in the packs.  Furthermore, WotC says that one out of every three boosters comes with an extra rare card included.

The idea is that players take two boosters and mash them together to "draft" a constructed deck.  WotC says this is because there are people who like making decks, but just not in the traditional limited environment.

Jumpstart will include nearly 500 reprints.  The set will also include 37 new cards that are unique to Jumpstart.

According to the Wizards Play Network, Jumpstart will only be available in English.

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