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Monday, 02 March 2020 15:21

New Magic: The Gathering sourcebook announced for Dungeons & Dragons

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Dungeons & Dragons will soon enter into the mythical world of Theros. Dungeons & Dragons will soon enter into the mythical world of Theros. WOTC

This June, the world’s most popular collectible card game will once again partner up with one of the world’s most popular roleplaying games as Wizards of the Coast announces Mythical Odysseys of Theros, a new sourcebook that takes place in the ancient Greek-inspired Magic: The Gathering plane of Theros.

Dungeons & Dragons: Mythical Odyssey of TherosThe plane is one of omen-speaking oracles, the five realms of the underworld, living myths, and of champions of the gods who vie for immortal favor.  In the sourcebook, D&D players will choose a supernatural gift that sets them towards their path of destiny, aligning themselves with one of Theros’ fifteen gods as they carve their own tales across the domains of mortals, the undead, and even the gods themselves.

Along with the new supernatural gifts, Mythical Odysseys of Theros also introduces to D&D new races including leonine and satyrs, as well as a number of subclases from which players can choose.  Additionally, players will encounter mythic monsters that provide challenged fit for the gods and can even wield for themselves the weapons of the gods as they vie to stand apart from others who seek their favor.

Dungeons & Dragons: Mythical Odyssey of Theros (Alternate cover)In addition to the standard Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook (seen above), Wizards of the Coast is also releasing a local game store exclusive version that features an alternate cover boasting a unique design and a soft-touch finish.

Both hardcover versions of Mythical Odysseys of Theros are scheduled to release June 2 for $49.95 to local game stores, book sellers, and online retailers.

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