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A chat with Nicol Bolas about Amonkhet's Hour of Devastation

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Nicol Bolas. Nicol Bolas. WOTC

With Amonkhet's Hour of Devastation near, the plane's God-Pharaoh Nicol Bolas takes time to gloat about his Massive Magic win over the Gatewatch during GP Vegas.

In fact, not only does the Elder Dragon Legend turned Planeswalker seem to not pay much mind to the impending event that may mean the end to his self-created plane of Amonkhet, he seems to welcome it.

"Devistation to me is a good word.  A happy word.  It's a word I've known since I was a little dragon," Bolas says.  "So, to me it's more like a festival of devastation.  A party, if you will, of apocalypse."

You can watch the interview with the God-Pharaoh from GP Vegas below.  Hour of Devastation, the second of two sets in Magic's Amonkhet block, is due to release on July 14, 2017.

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