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A Magic: The Gathering water park? Sounds be a (hydro)blast!

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Artwork from the 'Magic: The Gathering' card Urza's Hot Tub. Artwork from the 'Magic: The Gathering' card Urza's Hot Tub. WOTC/STEPHEN TAPPIN

For over 20 years, Magic: The Gathering has been expanding to more and more mediums, from books to comics to other tabletop games to video games. However, some types of expansion also have hang ups. Parent companies don’t always approve of new areas, with Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro keeping MTG largely in line on where and how the I.P can and cannot expand. But in 2018, Magic was allowed to go into one area where no one really thought to bring them before: theme parks.

More specifically, it was actually Hasbro which was making a huge indoor water park complete with hotel rooms, rides, and other things more-or-less inspired by Hasbro properties including Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, My Little Pony, Nerf, Candy Land, Mr. Potato Head, and, yes, Magic: The Gathering.

Rather than build it in Europe or North America where Magic and the other properties are at peak popularity, however, the company instead announced that the park would be built in Malaysia in the resort area of Kuala Linggi in order to get the Southeast Asian/Australian market.

Malaysia Tourism City

"By signing the agreement (today), we will be partnering with Hasbro to develop the world’s first Hasbro-themed water theme park, which is to be an iconic branded attraction that will be an essential anchor at the heart of the MTC master plan. The water park will be 20 acres in size, offering a wide range of branded new rides that are not available in other parks of the world," said Malaysian authorities in 2018.

Amazingly, the water park was just set up to be the first piece planned for the area, with who knows how many more Magic: The Gathering themed areas within the whole new tourist location. With the Melaka area bringing roughly half the tourists for the entire country, this was a huge step, and would bring Magic, or at least some of the names and artwork, to a new location.

But that's where the trail goes cold.

Despite an opening date of 2022, little follow-up has been made on the water park. With problems in Malaysia and a global pandemic and economic downturn worldwide, if it wasn’t delayed before, it probably is now.

While a Magic themed water park (or even part of one) is still up in the air, it is possible we may see it in the not-to-distant future.

Once that happens, of course, it should be quite the (hydro)blast!