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Zendikar Rising details, cards unveiled

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Zendikar Rising details, cards unveiled WOTC

Wizards of the Coast is providing new details about the next Magic: The Gathering standard-legal set, Zendikar Rising.

After the previous three sets that take place on the plane, Rise of the EldraziBattle for Zendikar, and Oath of the Gatewatch, featured Eldrazi-focused storylines, Zendikar Rising will be bringing the plane back to its original setting as the "adventure plane."  The set also brings back some familiar names.

"Zendikar is home to Nahiri, and after the events on Innistrad and Ravnica, she has returned to her home plane with a plan in mind," comments WotC's Blake Rasmussen. "Close behind her is Jace. Nissa has also returned home, but for reasons of her own."


Zendikar Rising is also bringing back some familiar mechanics in Kicker (last seen in Dominaria) and Landfall (a Zendikar classic).


The set also will have a focus on adventuring parties, which is a very RPG-like element.


As well as two-sided cards that are a spell on one side and a land on the other (it seems you decide which side you want when played)...


...and a new type of dual land that is one color on one side, and a different color on the other.


Staying true to Zendikar tradition, Zendikar Rising will also boast not only full-art basic lands, but also expeditions.  Whereas expeditions (premium reprints of popular and powerful lands from Magic: The Gathering history) were inserted randomly in booster packs in the past, this time around they will be found in both Collector Boosters and as box toppers.  The expeditions revealed by WotC this time around are each of the fetch lands (both allied- and enemy-colored), Wasteland, Prismatic Vista, and Morphic Pool.

Finally, WotC is providing better details on the Set Boosters that will make their debut with Zendikar Rising.

Per Rasmussen:

  • You'll always get an art card. 5% to upgrade to one with gold-stamped signature of the artist.
  • A full-art basic land (15% chance of being foil.)
  • A mix of commons and uncommons. The cards within each rarity connect to one another and show off themes, mechanics, and creative elements within the set.
  • A common/uncommon showcase or modal dual-faced card.
  • A guaranteed foil and guaranteed rare or mythic rare.
  • Wildcard slots that have the ability to be anything from commons to mythic rares.
  • One in four Set Boosters will also contain a card from "The List." The List is a curated list of 300 cards from Magic's history chosen to show off the cool and weird history of Magic. Think Slivers and weird mechanics and cool things we've done in Magic's history, all in a brand-new booster pack.  Examples of such cards include Food Chain, Simian Spirit Guide, and Slimefoot, the Stowaway.

Zendikar Rising is scheduled to release Sept. 25.