Friday, 04 December 2020 19:59

Secret Lair Ultimate Edition 2 arriving next year

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The lands available in Ultimate Edition 2. The lands available in Ultimate Edition 2. WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Wizards of the Coast has announced another item in their Secret Lair line of collector-focused cards, entitled Secret Lair Ultimate Edition 2, to be released in spring 2021. Like the original Ultimate Edition, this collection will feature exclusive lands and will only be available in WPN stores. Ten cards will be included in the collection, each of which is a dual-sided land hailing from either the planes of Zendikar or Kaldheim; cards that originally come from the Zendikar Rising expansion will be depicted in Kaldheim, and cards from the Kaldheim expansion will be depicted in Zendikar. Each card is a full-art foil, with art from one of these artists:

  • Paul Scott Canavan
  • Alayna Danner
  • Piotr Dura
  • Grady Frederick
  • Donato Giancola
  • Yeong-Hao Han
  • Adam Paquette
  • Lucas Staniec
  • Jokubas Uogintas
  • Johannes Voss

Wizards has only revealed six of the cards on their website, promising that the remaining four will be revealed closer to the release of Kaldheim. Each set will come in a display box, though due to supply limitations, some of the boxes will be black and others will be dark gray. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these sets should check with their local game store.