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Wizards introduces Kaldheim with Week of Metal

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One of the new monsters from Kaldheim. One of the new monsters from Kaldheim. WIZARDS OF THE COAST

The official unveiling of the new Kaldheim expansion isn't until early January, but Wizards of the Coast is treating us all to a preview of the set with their most metal event yet. The world of Kaldheim has been heavily inspired by Norse mythology, a trait that it shares with a number of renowned metal bands (Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, Turisas, etc.) Wizards of the Coast has decided to tie these things together with the Week of Metal, which promises three days of previews of an undeniably metal plane.

Starting tomorrow and running through Thursday, Wizards will be showing previews, art, and other teasers from the upcoming Kaldheim set. They also promise that the previews will be from "some truly metal bands", which we hope is a literal statement and not just a euphemism. Wizards is also introducing us to two new Planeswalkers, Niko Aris and Tyvar Kell; click the links to find out more about them and the process behind their creation. More details can be found on the Magic website, if you don't mind an article full of censored curses. The full Kaldheim reveal will take place on January 7.

Personally, I'm more excited for this reveal than any other set I've seen thus far. The world of Magic is fascinating and extremely creative, but when Wizards looks outside of its own universe for inspiration for a set, some really great things can come out of it. The visual style we've seen so far in the previews is leaning pretty heavily into the more extreme end of things, with locations and monsters that would fit right in with the most recent God of War video game. Plus, if today's article on the Magic website is any indication, Wizards is going to be exercising less restraint than they usually do, which fits with the less-than-subtle Norse myths and legends that pervade popular culture.

Naturally, the unique mechanics of the set and its overall balance are going to be more important than the theming and the aesthetic, and we won't be finding out much about those until the new year. With today's previews, however, we seem to be starting off on the right foot. I'm looking forward to what else the Week of Metal has in store.