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In-store play returning in late May

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In-store play returning in late May STOCK

Get your decks ready and polish your dice, because Wizards of the Coast will begin allowing sanctioned in-store Magic: The Gathering play on May 28.

The announcement comes after more than a year of no official in-store play due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To accompany the resumption of in-store play, the company is also announcing the "Love Your Local Game Store" promotion.

WPN promo Fabled Passage."In the coming months—and as in-store play resumes in other locations across the globe—we’re rolling out a sequence of exciting promotions to help bring your community back to your store, amplify your events, and give customers more reason to celebrate and love their local game store," says the company.

The promotion includes a sales promo of foil retro-frame Fabled Passage for each customer who spends $50 or more in-store on sealed MTG products; five different foil, retro-frame promos, one for each in-store event entry; and a WPN-exclusive of Mystery Booster Convention Edition event so that Magic players can experience a Magicfest-like Mystery Booster draft.

While WotC will be allowing sanctioned in-store play beginning May 28, the company is reminding local game stores to remain compliant with all applicable local laws, ordinances, and health and safety guidelines when allowing customers into their store.  This means that, even though WotC says it's okay to host an official Magic event at North American stores, they're still a "no go" if local, state, or federal official disallow such gatherings and events.