Tuesday, 29 June 2021 22:28

Magic: Legends shutting down, cancelling full release

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Official game art from Magic: Legends. Official game art from Magic: Legends. PERFECT WORLD

In March of this year, developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World released the beta of Magic: Legends, an action RPG based on the world of Magic: the Gathering. Today, Cryptic Studios announced that the game's servers will be shutting down on October 31, and the game will not see a full release. The developers have no plans to bring the game back at a later date.

"Our vision for Magic: Legends missed the mark, but we are proud of what we achieved," wrote Steve Ricossa, executive producer of Legends. "Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we got to bring the expansive Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to a wide audience and explore new angles within the established ARPG genre. We learned several valuable lessons along the way, and we will use them to improve Cryptic’s future development efforts."

The game's Zen Shop, which allowed for purchases with real-world money, has been shut down, and all player purchases made during the beta will be refunded. Later this week, the items that could previously be purchased with real money will be made available via Aether, the in-game currency of Legends. The game is still available on the Epic Game Store, for anyone who wants to try the beta out while it lasts. Readers can learn more about refunds and other information through the official message from Ricossa.