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'Commander 2017': A 'Magic: The Gathering' battle royale

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'Commander 2017': A 'Magic: The Gathering' battle royale WOTC / GEEKNIFTY

On Aug. 25, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new round of Commander decks and they're a battle royale of tribal fun.

There are four new decks this time around and each one is built around a tribal theme.  There's a deck full of dragons, another with vampires, one with wizards (how appropriate), and one with kitties.  Well, cats.  Battle-worthy cats.  Okay, the felines are rather ferocious.  Overall, the decks seem rather well built around their respective themes and should be fairly easy to upgrade after-market.

Featuring a mix of reprints and original cards -- some of which are the first time notable characters from Magic's history such as the sentient dragon engine Ramos and Lord Ith's captor, Marisil the Pretender, have been seen -- there is a lot to like about the new official EDH/Commander decks.  There is a lot to see and a lot to experience.

In fact, LGS Natural 20 Games in Las Vegas teamed up with us to give the new decks an out-of-the-box whirl.  Take a look at the highlights below.


All four of the Magic: The Gathering Commander 2018 decks release Aug. 25 to local gaming stores and Magic retailers worldwide.  The decks retail at $34.99 each.

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