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Wizards of the Coast announces new 'Unsanctioned' un-set

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Official art for Unsanctioned. Official art for Unsanctioned. WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast announced the impending release of Unsanctioned, the newest in their line of "un-"sets, which also includes UngluedUnhinged and Unstable. This pre-constructed set features sixteen new Un-cards, as well as reprints of the Un-cards from previous sets, and a new regular and premium variant of each basic land. Each Unsanctioned package comes with five 30-card decks (one per color), ten basic lands, two six-sided dice, ten double-sided tokens, and a reusable box.

In any Unsanctioned match, each of the two players will pick up two of the 30-card decks and shuffle them together to create a single 60-card deck. Like previous Un-sets, these highly bizarre cards will be disallowed in regular Magic play, and will be denoted by having silver backgrounds instead of black; the basic lands, however, will be black-bordered and legal for tournament play. Gavin Verhey, Senior Magic Designer at Wizards of the Coast, stated that Unsanctioned matches should have the feel of a "wrestling match".

Unsanctioned will hit store shelves on Leap Day, February 29, 2020.

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