Tuesday, 21 February 2023 13:14

Commander Masters unveiled, includes high-end EDH cards

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MTG's Commander Masters is scheduled to release Aug. 4, 2023. MTG's Commander Masters is scheduled to release Aug. 4, 2023. WOTC

A new set is coming out for Magic: The Gathering's EDH crowd as Wizards of the Coast unveils Commanders Masters, a new compilation set designed for Commander players.

The set is specifically designed for EDH and includes some very rare and highly sought after cards, including Jeweled Lotus, The Ur-Dragon, and Capture of Jingzhou.  Furthermore, multiple card variants will be included for a number of the cards in the set, including the normal look, foil-etched, and two new variants in frame break borderless and profile borderless.

Take a look:


The set will be released in draft, set, and collector boosters.  Wizards of the Coast has also announced four preconstructed Commander decks that will be released as well: Eldrazi Unbound (colorless), Enduring Enchantments (W/B/G), Planeswalker Party (W/U/R), and Sliver Swarm (W/U/B/R/G).

Even though the set isn't releasing until Aug. 4, Magic players can already preorder Commander Masters now.

And, for now, are some important dates to keep track of for the set:

  • First Look: May 16, 2023
  • WPN Premium Store Preview Events: July 28–30, 2023
  • Tabletop Launch: August 4, 2023