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WotC teases new ‘Magic’ product “Secret Lair”; Internet response mixed at best

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Not much is known about the newly-teased "Secret Lair" product for 'Magic: The Gathering' Not much is known about the newly-teased "Secret Lair" product for 'Magic: The Gathering' WOTC

Overnight, Wizards of the Coast teased a new product for its Magic: The Gathering card game called “Secret Lair.”

Not much is yet known about the product, which WotC is calling “a premade box just for you and the very particular things you love about Magic.”  They have at least confirmed one thing: it’s not a booster.

Go ahead and take a look at the two tweets the company sent out in the wee hours of Wednesday, Nov. 20:

Magic players, it seems, aren’t having it.  At least, that’s the way it seems with Internet responses to the largely unknown product.

A number of players are skeptical with many citing product fatigue:

Others are simply speculating:

Some are responding with humor:

While some are using the opportunity as a sounding board against the latest Magic: The Gathering novel, War of the Spark: Ravnica by Greg Weisman, and the anti-LGBTQ quagmire the company has suddenly found itself in because of it:


Though, there have been some positive comments sprinkled in with the rest of them:

Whatever WotC is planning with Secret Lair, it seems that the Magic community has already made up their minds about it (and it doesn’t seem to be in the product’s favor).  While that may change once more details such as pricing and release information come to light (it looks like some of those details will come out Nov. 25), Secret Lair seems off to a rocky start at best.


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