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WotC unveils limited 'Secret Lair' Magic series

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One of the available 'Secret Lair' drops. One of the available 'Secret Lair' drops. WIZARDS OF THE COAST

After teasing its existence a few days ago, Wizards of the Coast have properly unveiled Secret Lair, a series of highly limited cards that focus on art like never before. These cards will be available for extremely limited periods of time, with the first set of them dropping between December 2 and December 9, with more cards to come in 2020.

Starting on December 2, a new set of cards will be available for purchase for exactly 24 hours, and everyone who makes a purchase during this period is guaranteed to receive their cards; WotC will be printing as many cards as are ordered. The first day will offer the entire bundle of cards offered that week, while starting on December 3, a different collection of three to seven cards will be available for purchase. Each group of cards will feature a different theme, with some cards coming together to form a panorama when laid side-by-side. All of the cards feature all-new art that WotC hopes will entice collectors, and each card also comes with codes for unique sleeves in Magic the Gathering Arena, as well as non-foil versions of the cards in Magic the Gathering Online.

For a look at the available cards, as well as pricing and exact dates, take a look at the official website.


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