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WotC breaks down 'Theros Beyond Death' collector boosters, details mechanics, and more

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'Theros Beyond Death' releases Jan. 24, 2020. 'Theros Beyond Death' releases Jan. 24, 2020. WOTC

Wizards of the Coast breaks down the contents of Theros Beyond Death's collector boosters and shares some additional details about the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set.

Riding off of the coattails of the collector boosters that debuted in Throne of Eldraine, those that are coming out for Theros Beyond Death will contain 16 cards:

  • 8x foil commons, uncommons, or basic lands
  • 1x ancillary THB product (eg: theme booster rare, planeswalker deck exclusive card, or buy-a-box promo)
  • 1x rare or mythic 2/ extended art frame
  • 1x foil rare or mythic (with possible chance for foil extended art frame card)
  • 1x saga, constellation showcase card, or borderless planeswalker card
  • 1x foil constellation showcase card or borderless planeswalker card
  • 2x foil showcase Nyx lands
  • 1x foil double-sided token
THB premium card examples

The Theros Beyond Death collector boosters are scheduled to release Jan. 24, 2020.

WotC also provided key details and explainer videos about the new mechanics that will be found in the set:

There's Escape, which allows you to cast (or re-cast) spells from your graveyard.

There is also the return of Constellation, an enchantment-focused mechanic.

The popular Devotion mechanic from Theros is also returning.

And after a successful debut in DominariaSagas are making a come back.

The Akroan War

Finally, there's this trailer the company released in promotion of the set:

Theros Beyond Death is scheduled to release Jan. 24, 2020, with its prerelease weekend occurring the weekend before.

The product will be available in traditional and collector boosters, as well as in ready-to-play planeswalker decks, a bundle with ten booster packs and a bunch of other goodies, theme boosters, a deckbuilder's toolkit.