Jim Avery

Jim Avery

Jim Avery is a seasoned gaming writer and a talented computer engineer.

Avery has previously written for Cracked, NintendoGal, and GeekNifty.

A graduate of University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a master's degree in computer science, his day job is with Google Express.  When he's not "expressing," Avery enjoys settling down with one of his favorite video games and hanging out at his local gaming store for Magic: The Gathering events.

Friday, 12 February 2021 20:49

Challenger Decks 2021 unveiled

Take a look at what you'll be able to play with this March.

Sunday, 27 December 2020 09:46

Let it snow (mana): MTG's top 10 snow cards

In the spirit of the season, we count down Magic: The Gathering's ten greatest snow-based cards.

The halls of Kaldheim are calling you home.

Cross over between planes with these dual-sided lands from Zendikar and Kaldheim.

Another drop contains mana-increasing artifacts with work from a variety of artists.

The renowned artist is also contributing to a new Magic trading card.

Four other cards are also being banned or suspended in this week's update, and one is returning.

Monday, 28 September 2020 20:28

B&R update: one new card banned from Standard

An early ban arrives as one deck archetype proves to be extremely powerful.

What do we think of the newly-unveiled Commander set?

These four cards are getting an adorable new release.

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