Magic Untapped's articles about the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Wizards of the Coast parent company, Hasbro, Inc., announces plans to eliminate 1,000 jobs.

Magic: The Gathering artists come from all over.  One just so happens to have roots in death metal.

Magic: The Gathering has had a lot of conventions over the years. Here's a story about one of the craziest ones.

Wizards of the Coast parent company, Hasbro, gets recognized for using its business as a force for good.

Looking to nerf your opponents' plains? Well, there is a nearly 30 year old Magic card for you!

Magic cards don't always follow the right color path -- especially in the game's early days.  The card Acid Rain is one of the best examples.

Wizards of the Coast announces a new Secret Lair coming exclusively to WPN stores in early 2023.

MTGGoldfish's Seth (also better known as SaffronOlive) sits down with Magic Untapped to share his thoughts on the increasing proliferation of Magic: The Gathering releases.

Every year, Wizards of the Coast introduces a special holiday-themed Magic: The Gathering card. Here is this year's.

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