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Magic: The Gathering has had a lot of odd cards over the years. And that includes a land subtype known as Locus.

Wizards of the Coast pushes back the global release date for the Magic x Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks to Oct. 7.

Dutch Magic: The Gathering artist Ilse Gort answers some questions about herself, her art, and the furry fandom.

Magic: The Gathering once had a flying purple hippo creature made as a joke be on a few cards.

For years, the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame severely declined in new inductees. Then, something was done about it.

Magic: The Gathering Online turns 20 and Wizards of the Coast has a slew of festivities planned to celebrate.

Wizards of the Coast announces a new release date for its upcoming Unfinity set for Magic: The Gathering.

After Hasbro shareholders re-elect the company's entire board, investor group Alta Fox issues a statement.

Magic: The Gathering once had a set that tried to bring in beginner players into the game. And it worked! Well, somewhat.

Wizards of the Coast has hired some pretty legendary artists for Magic: The Gathering over the years. Here's one of them.

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