Magic Untapped's articles about the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

In the late 90s, a string of cards had one of the more unusual running gags in Magic history.

Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast division makes up roughly 70% of the company's value, according to a filing by asset management firm Alta Fox.

In 2003, a rare card from Tempest was reprinted as an even more rare foil, limited-run, promotional card. High secondary market value ensued.

For more than a decade, artist Adam Paquette has made art for more than 100 Magic: The Gathering cards and participated in a Q&A with Magic Untapped about it all.

One card in the Stranger Things Secret Lair needed a change after a problematic letter issue.

Wizards of the Coast says supply chain issues are hampering the launch of the upcoming set, Streets of New Capenna.

Recognition honors Hasbro’s leadership and commitment to business integrity through best-in-class ethics, compliance and governance practices.

Back in 2019 Magic gave the rare ruling of removing someone from the Magic Hall of Fame for cheating.

All dual lands seem to come with a heavy price for using them. Well, not all.

Magic Untapped talks to artist and former Magic: The Gathering Art Director Matt Wilson.

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