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Who is... Jodah, Archmage Eternal? (Pt. 1)

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Who is... Jodah, Archmage Eternal? (Pt. 1) WOTC/MAGIC UNTAPPED

Welcome to this first season in Magic Untapped's "Who Is..." series.

This first time around, we are featuring the story of one of Dominaria's oldest-living mortal characters: Jodah, Archmage Eternal.  In this premier episode, we explore who Jodah is and experience the events that happened before he earned his title of "Archmage Eternal."

Enjoy the show.

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Jodah was born into a wealthy family on the Dominarian continent of Terisiare.  He was a direct descendant of the brothers Urza and Mishra, his family line having been founded by Urza and his wife, Kayla bin-Kroog.  As Jodah aged, however, climate change began to take hold of the world as ever-shortening summers and his family’s overfarming of their land began to eat at their wealth.

When Jodah was just a young man, his family had to abandon their estate and Jodah soon after found himself as the apprentice to a wandering mage.  The mage granted Jodah a magical mirror that would play a major role in the apprentice’s life down the road.

The two were captured by the Church of Tal, the region’s dominant religion which held the belief that the use of magic was, at its nature, evil.  Eventually Jodah and his master, Voska, made their separate escapes with Jodah hoping to reunite with the wandering mage.  While in search, he found himself in need of escape from a band of goblins.  Jodah submerged himself in a nearby, long-abandoned town fountain to hide, unaware that its enchanted waters would slow his aging to a crawl.

Eventually, Jodah would learn that Voska had been hunted down and slain by the church.  His master now deceased, Jodah traveled with another mage, Sima, to the City of Shadows on the island of Lat-Nam.  It’s a secret town and training grounds for mages.  On the way there, however, Jodah was captured by a band of merfolk who wound up trading him to the Rag Man in exchange for a coral helm.

Leading Jodah through a nearby safe haven and subsequent maze, he takes him to the Conclave of Mages, which is a citadel built atop the ruins of the Brothers War-era Monastery of Gix and is the only other refuge in the land that acts as a refuge for the continent’s persecuted mages.  At this point, Jodah was just happy to be around fellow mages who can teach him their ways.  He completed a trial that the conclave’s ruler, Mairsil, had set up for him and he found himself welcomed into the secluded community.

What Jodah didn’t realize, however, was that the rag man was sent not by Mairsil, but by Lord Ith, the (now) former leader of the conclave whom Mairsil the Pretender, had imprisoned over a bottomless put located at the base of the building.  Ith saw in Jodah great potential and Marsil has hopes of tapping into Jodah’s unrealized talents to open a planar portal to the Dark Lands – a place that we would later learn to be Phyrexia – where Marsil believes he can grow to be an all-powerful spellcaster.

Before the Pretender could get all of his plans in motion, however, the Conclave of Mages was discovered and assaulted by the Church of Tal.  Along with Sima, who had tracked Jodah down after his kidnapping, the Rag Man brought Jodah to the citadel’s underbelly where his master, Lord Ith, had been imprisoned.

They free the elderly Ith who, upon release, they notice has gone quite mad during his time in the cage that the artificer, Barl, had constructed above the ancient, never-ending pit.  The mad Lord of the Conclave goes on a murderous rampage that results in the death of not just his rag man servant, but also of Mairsil.  In the end, Jodah manages to bring Ith back to his senses by using the magical mirror his original mentor, Voska, had given him.

Outside the citadel, the conclave mages managed to force the Church of Tal into retreat.  The conclave itself, however, was in ruins.  Rather than rebuild, Ith decided to venture out and travel the land.  The remaining conclave mages traveled with Jodah and Sima to Lat-Nam and join the City of Shadows.