Tuesday, 06 August 2019 20:47

Magic History: Taking a look back at 'Antiquities'

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The 'Antiquities' booster pack for 'Magic: The Gathering'. The 'Antiquities' booster pack for 'Magic: The Gathering'. WOTC

Sometimes it's nice to look back and see just how far things have come since the early days of Magic: The Gathering.  To that end, we are beginning a series of short videos that highlight Magic: The Gathering expansions throughout the years.

Previously, we looked at Arabian Nights.  This time around we're checking out Antiquities - the set that introduced two of the most iconic characters ever to Magic: The Gathering: Urza and his brother, Mishra.

So, how did the introduction to the Brothers' War turn out?  Check out our retrospective video (below) and find out!