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Tuesday, 17 November 2020 07:46

Check out these 'Magic: The Gathering' gift ideas for this holiday season

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Altered Zedruu the Greathearted artwork Altered Zedruu the Greathearted artwork WOTC/REVELEN'S LIGHT ALTERS

Let’s just admit it: Shopping for the perfect Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/whatever gift can be a downright pain in the tuchus.  That can be doubly-true if the person for whom you’re shopping is a big fan of something like, oh, the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Well, to make things a bit easier this year, Magic Untapped has come up with a list of suggestions for Magic players of all shapes and sizes.

And, if none of these call out as the perfect gift for the Magic player in your life, we at Magic Untapped hope our list (at the very least) can inspire an idea for a the perfect gift – whether that be for a friend, loved one, or yourself!

For the player just starting out:

Magic: The Gathering – Arena Starter Kit – A great introductory product for new players or those looking to get into the game, this kit includes two ready-to-play decks, a learn as you play guide, and a code for the Magic: The Gathering – Arena computer game that unlocks the decks for play online.

Commander Legends premade deck bundle – Commander is one of Magic’s most popular formats and this bundle is great for someone who wants to jump right in and play.  Featuring two ready-to-play decks, each deck contains 99 cards plus one legendary foil commander card.  They also include 10 tokens, a deck box, and a life tracker.

Core Set 2021 Planeswalker Deck bundle – Featuring five ready-to-play 60-card decks, each deck features a different foil planeswalker card.  In addition to the planeswalker card, each 60-card deck also comes with one booster pack each and a code to redeem each deck on Magic: The Gathering – Arena.

For the casual player:

Magic: The Gathering - Unsanctioned – Magic is a game and games are meant to be fun.  Fun is exactly what you’ll get with Unsactioned as the mayhem-filled tabletop game includes 30-card decks that players mash together to form 60-card decks before letting the fur fly.  Unlike most MTG sets, Unsanctioned is filled with special silver-bordered cards that do things normal Magic cards don’t.

Ultra Pro gaming case – Made by one of the most well known names in gaming, this deck carrying case has six compartments for your Magic: The Gathering decks, an adjustable nylon padded shoulder strap, and extra pockes to hold rule books, extra cards, and more.  It’s great for the gamer on the go!

Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends draft booster box – The newest way to play the popular Commander format, Commander Legends combines Magic’s draft format with Commander, allowing players to draft their own Commander deck to play.  Each time you draft, your deck is different!  The booster box includes 24 20-card packs and each pack contains two legendary cards.  Also special foil etched cards can be found randomly-inserted into packs.

For the hardcore player:

Zendikar Rising Gift Bundle – Give the gift of Magic with ten Zendikar Rising draft booster packs, one collector booster, 40 land cards (20 foil and 20 non-foil), an alternate art promo card, an oversized spindown life counter, and a card storage box.  It’s a great gift for Magic players of all types, but hardcore players will love the inclusion of the collector booster, which includes foil and special frame cards!

Titan Dice 7-piece dice set with engraved wooden display box – Sure, odds are Magic players already have dice.  But do they have these dice?  This complete set of jumbo (25mm) polyhedral dice feature a smoky black finish and gold etching.  Furthermore, they come in a beautifully etched wooden storage/display box.  Let the good times roll!


Magic: The Gathering singles – No, we don’t mean hooking your Magic friends up on blind dates!  Rather, if there’s a deck they’re a few cards short on completing, find out what they need and sneak them a surprise under the tree.

For the collectors:

World’s Smallest Magic: The Gathering Duel Decks – They say the biggest things come in the smallest of packages.  When it comes to this World’s Smallest MTG duel deck, they’re right!  Featuring two fully playable decks with cards that are only two inches tall, it’s a fun, new way to play the world’s biggest collectible card game.

Magic: The Gathering Funco POP figures – From the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering CCG comes the MTG Pop! Vinyl figuirines.  They stand 3¾” tall and comes in a window box packaging with (in this example) planeswalker Sarkhan Vol standing in his battle harmer and wielding his staff.  Many other MTG characters are also available.

WizKids Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge figurines – Measuring as tall as 55mm, each highly detailed Creature Forge token figure comes with a base representing one of the five iconic colors that make up the foundation of Magic’s mana system.  Many of the figures include translucent parts and all come as never-before-seen 3D representations.  Collect all 24 pieces in the set!

For the Magic player who already has everything they need:

Magic: The Gathering Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Wallet – Officially licensed, this bi-fold wallet is the perfect gift for the Magic player who has it all.  On the outside, it features a scene from the climatic battle between the Gatewatch and Nicol Bolas.  On the inside, it holds not just cash, but also an ID and has room for as many as three credit/debit cards.

Magic: The Gathering Pajama Pants – Officially licensed and authentic, these pajama pants are comfy, cozy, and perfect for lazy days, sleeping in, and late night gaming sessions at home.  These 100% cotton sleep pants feature Magic’s mana symbols down one leg and are adjustable fit.

Jace Berelen Cosplay Hooded Sweatshirt – Rock your planeswalker pride with this Jace Berelen hooded sweatshirt featuring the likeness of the blue planeswalker’s outfit from the waste up.  The sweatshirt is also available with Chandra Nalaar theming for those who prefer to feel (or deal) the burn!

For those on a budget:

BCW Deck Guard sleeves – Considered a necessity amongst Magic players, no deck is really complete unless it’s been sleeved.  There are many brands and types of sleeves to choose from with some featuring gloss finishes and fancy designs, while others are matte and feature solid colors.  For the price, we suggest BCW’s Deck Guard series, which cost only $6 for a pack of 80 sleeves.

Power/Toughness dice – This set of twelve dice include six +X/+X and six –X/-X.  These sets of d6 dice count up (or down) from +1/+1 and -1/-1 through +6/+6 and -6/-6.  They are very handy and perfect for use in both casual and competitive venues.  Very wallet friendly, you can expect to spend only $6 on the entire set.

Defender Deck Box – Once a deck has been built, a player will need something to keep it safe and sound, right?  That’s where deck boxes come in.  Featuring 16 different design choices, the Defender Deck Box series not only look cool, they are also strong and hold as many as 130 sleeved Magic: The Gathering cards. Defender Deck Boxes start at only $9.99, depending on the design.

And while shopping online can be convenient, don’t forget to give your local game store a call to see if they carry any of the above items.  They’ll appreciate your patronage!

Also, if you like the neat Zedruu the Greathearted altar found at the top of this article, that was done by Revelen's Light Alters.  You should check out Kate's work.

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