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Father's Day gift ideas for the Magic playing dads in your life

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Father's Day gift ideas for the Magic playing dads in your life WOTC/TERESE NIELSEN

Father's Day is less than two weeks away, but there's still time to order the Magic playing papas in your life a cool, MTG-related gift to show them how much you love them.

To make the hunt for the perfect gift that much easier, Magic Untapped has put together a list of ten great Magic-related Father's Day gifts (aside from singles to finish off dad's latest MTG deck, of course). 

Spin-down loyalty counter die set ($10) - If you're looking for something small for your Magic playing father, then look no further than this set of three D12s designed to keep track of planeswalker loyalty.  The spin-down arrangement of numbers let's you fluidly move from 1-12 with no number-hunting when loyalty changes. They're slightly oversized and feature a glossy finish with bold silver ink to make these dice easily readable from either side of the table.

Contemporary Magic: The Gathering coffee mug ($15) - Channel Dad's power for the day with this ceramic mug.  Its design displays highly detailed artwork inspired by MTGs Mana symbols.  The extended handle makes sipping hot beverages easy.

Trust us, a starting the day with a hot cup of coffee in a cool mug makes it that much easer to tap into that day's activities.


Magic: The Gathering logo crew socks ($15) - Who doesn't like cool socks?  These officially-licensed crew socks fit shoe size 6-12 and come as a pair (as in two pairs of socks -- four socks in total) with one pair featuring the modern Magic: The Gathering logo and the other featuring the game's mana symbols.

Creature counter token dice ($15) - This set of 48 (that's as many as four twelves!) dice make it easy to track your creatures' buffs and de-buffs.  Each a d6 with +1/+1 through +6/+6 or -1/-1 through -6/-6, they're a must-have accessory for Magic players.

The dice design features a two-color mix that sparkle with gold powder. The mixed colors element makes each dice look unique.

Included along with the dice are two flannel dice bags for storage and portability.

Magic: The Gathering creature box up t-shirt ($22) - A perfect gift for retro fans of the game, this t-shirt is available in three colors (white, grey, and blue) and features not just the game's original logo, but also the likeness of Black Knight, Taniwha, Chimeric Staff, and Auratog.

It's available in size small through 3XL.

MTG mana logo sleep/lounge pajama pants ($25) - What mom doesn't like lounging around the house in a comfy pair of sweatpants?  Good for relaxation, working out, and late night Magic sessions, these pants are made of a super soft and smooth 92% polyester / 8% spandex fabric and feature an allover design of the different mana color symbols, as well as the planeswalker symbol.

Planeswalker Emblem adjustable ballcap ($27) - This Magic: The Gathering, snapback hat features a large plainswalker logo on the front that signifies Dad's ability to travel the multiverse!  It has a pre-curved style bill and an adjustable snapback closure that makes the hat one-size-fits-most, so no worries on it being too small or too large.



2000+ card portable game case ($30) - Are dad's Magic decks in stacks all over the house?  Does he need a way to carry them all?  Well, this portable card case is exactly what he needs.

This card carrying case from Alkoo does an awesome job of keeping things safe and snug with high quality, water-resistant, dust resistant, scratch resistant, and drop resistant materials.

Plus, Dad can feel free to sleeve up his cards as the manufacturer states that MTG cards in Ultra Pro sleeves fit no problem.

MTG pint glasses ($55) - Almost nothing goes better with a Magic: The Gathering draft than a nice, cold draught in a Magic: The Gathering pint glass.  Well, five pint glasses in this case!

Each pint glass in this set of five from Acid Ink Designs features one of the game's mana symbols.

Made and etched in the USA, these MTG pint glasses are 100% dishwasher safe.

Modern Horizons II ($86-408) - And, finally, why not get Dad Magic: The Gathering's latest and greatest?  Modern Horizons II comes out June 18, a mere two days before Father's Day.  Whether it be a bundle, draft box, set box, or collector's box, Dad will be thrilled to crack some packs!

And, of course, don't forget the officially licensed Magic: The Gathering wrapping paper!

To all the fathers (and Father of Machines) out there, happy (early) Father's Day!