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Pack Crackin': Modern Horizons II Set Booster Box

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Pack Crackin': Modern Horizons II Set Booster Box WOTC / MAGIC UNTAPPED

Modern Horizons II, the second straight-to-Modern set in Magic: The Gathering history, releases worldwide on June 18.  In anticipation of the set's release, Magic Untapped opens a set booster box to see what treasures lay inside.

The set contains 303 regular cards plus an additional assortment of special treatment cards, such as those with the sketch and retro frames.  There's also the buy-a-box promo, the retro-framed Sanctum Prelate, that is included as a bonus when you purchase a box from your LGS.

Top "normal" cards (that is, non-foil and with the standard card frame), value-wise, for the set at time of publication include:

Magic Untapped spent $249.99 on this Modern Horizons II set booster box from Great Escape Games in Sacramento, California.

Do we crack all of the set's top cards and get nothing but value, or are we drinking our own salty tears by the time the final pack is opened?  Find out in the video below.

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