Saturday, 19 June 2021 20:51

Pack Crackin': Modern Horizons II Collector Boosters

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Pack Crackin': Modern Horizons II Collector Boosters WOTC / MAGIC UNTAPPED

Modern Horizons II, the second straight-to-Modern set in Magic: The Gathering history, just came out this past Friday.  In celebration, we crack open a couple of the set's Collector Booster Packs.

Between regular foils, etched foils, sketch showcase frames, foil sketch showcase frames, extended art, foil extended art, retro frames, foil retro frames, and etched foil retro frames, there's more than enough specially treated cards available in these rather pricey packs.

Magic Untapped spent $100 ($50 per pack) on just a pair of Modern Horizons II collector packs (hey, we're not made of money, which were purchased from Great Escape Games in Sacramento, California.

Watch the video below to see how fortunate (or unfortunate) our pulls were.

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