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A look at MagiKids - Helping children through 'Magic: The Gathering'

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MagiKids is a 501(c)(3) charity aimed at helping children through 'Magic: The Gathering'. MagiKids is a 501(c)(3) charity aimed at helping children through 'Magic: The Gathering'. MAGIKIDS.ORG

At one point or another, most Magic: The Gathering players wind up with excess cards that either just sit in a box somewhere or get tossed.  That's where MagiKids, a nonprofit organization, comes in.

The charity takes in unwanted Magic cards and packages them up to send to teachers and mentors across North America free of cost so that they may, in turn, teach children how to play the game.

And while teaching a new generation of children -- many of whom are at risk in one way or another -- how to play Magic: The Gathering, MagiKids' mission goes well beyond that.

"Our mission is to educate younger persons and others in how to play Magic: The Gathering, to assist others in such educational activities, to educate persons and entities regarding the societal benefits of games like Magic among youths," they say on their website.

The organization was founded by Jason Egginton, a research professor in social economics at a major teaching hospital whose passion for Magic and giving back to his community led him to founding both Weirdcards Charitable Club and MagiKids.  If Weirdcards sounds familiar, by the way, it's because those are the same folks who came up with and support the recently unveiled Oathbreaker format.

Magic Untapped recently had a chance to chat with Egginton about MagiKids and how Magic players worldwide can give their support, as well as how Oathbreaker fits into it all.

Take a look:

To learn how you can get involved with MagiKids and make a difference in the lives of future planeswalkers nationwide, check out the MagiKids website.