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Interview: Mark Rosewater on how Ravnica came to be

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Interview: Mark Rosewater on how Ravnica came to be WOTC/MAGIC UNTAPPED

For every Magic: The Gathering set, there is a story as to how the idea for the set and its setting came to be in the first place.

For the plane of Ravnica, as well as the first block of sets to take place there -- Ravnica: City of Guilds, Guildpact, and Dissension -- things were no different.

"Ravnica first came about because we decided we were going to do another multicolor block," explains Magic: The Gathering senior designer Mark Rosewater.

Invasion, which had come out a few years prior, was the first of the game's full-on themed blocks, featuring a multicolor theme.

"It had been very popular," recalls Rosewater.

But how could Wizards of the Coast put together another block of multicolor sets without it feeling like just another Invasion?

"Invasion was all about playing as many colors as you could, so I'm like 'Okay, what's the opposite end of that spectrum?'  You know, being a gold set it has to be at least two colors," alludes Rosewater.  "So I went 'Okay, what if was all about playing two colors, rather than four or five colors like Invasion'."

In the video below Mark Rosewater joins Magic Untapped to talk more about how Ravnica came to be in the first place, as well as how Wizards of the Coast strived to make it different from the previous "multicolor matters" Magic: The Gathering set, Invasion.

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