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Who is: Svyelun of Sea and Sky (Fallen Empires Edition)

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Who is: Svyelun of Sea and Sky (Fallen Empires Edition) WOTC/MAGIC UNTAPPED

Welcome back to "Who Is..." on Magic Untapped.

This time around, we take a look at Svyelun, a diety worshipped by Dominaria's merfolk -- specifically, the Voldalians that once lived off the shores of the continent of Sarpadia.

Enjoy the show.

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Hello and welcome back to Who Is on Magic Untapped.  I’m Barry White.

Over the past three episodes, we’ve been talking about some of the most important figures in Magic: The Gathering’s Fallen Empires storyline.

Today, we look at one more: the merfolk goddess, Svyelun.


It is said that Svyelun, the goddess of the pearl moon, created Dominaria’s merfolk out of silt and sea water.  At least, that’s what the Voldalians – the merfolk living in the sea just off the coast of the continent of Sarpadia– believe.

Depected as a merfolk who lives high in the sky, she was and continues to be a remove figure.  They say that, in ancient times, Svyelun handed down her teachings to the original merfolk, then departed to never again communicate with the mortal world.  These teachings were recorded in ancient writings and are the focus of the merfolk’s Svyelunite theology.

One of these key tenants of the religion is that mortals can never approach the divine.  Just as the moon is above the sky, the sky above the land, and the land above the sea, no mortal merfolk can ever hope to reach it.

In the theology, Svyelun is represented by the winged moon – a full moon ringed by a glorious halo.  Every 28 days, when Dominaria’s mist moon reaches its full phase, followers of Svyelunism worship their absentee god with a full night of ritualistic contemplation.

And, unlike many other religions, Svyelunites seek to understand other cultures and theologies.  Within Svyelunism is the Society of the Conch, a caste that travels the world to further their understanding of how Svyelun is manifested in other cultures.

Even as Dominaria’s climate changed and the ancient Voldalian society was uprooted by invading homarids, the merfolk’s belief and worship of Svyelun never wavered as the society’s survivors founded a new home far away from their Sarpadian home waters.


And that pretty much concludes our look at the main players in Magic: The Gathering’s Fallen Empires storyline.

Please be sure to join us next time as we look at yet another of Magic: The Gathering’s many characters.

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