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Thursday, 04 August 2022 09:51

Pack Crackin' - Modern Horizons 2 Prerelease Pack

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Pack Crackin' - Modern Horizons 2 Prerelease Pack WOTC / MAGIC UNTAPPED

Ragavan, Nimble PilfererLast year, the second-ever straight-to-Modern set in Magic: The Gathering history, Modern Horizons 2, was released.  With it came a bunch of new popular and powerful cards, along with some notable reprints.

The set also has decent value, with a number of individual cards worth more than $20 -- and that's only counting the "normal" versions, as the set also has borderless, showcase, and retro frame variants of a number of its cards.

Topping the list of normal cards, value wise, is Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer ($65.34*), followed by Endurance ($42.20), Solitude ($41.03), and Urza's Saga ($29.79).

And many of the variants are worth even more, such as is the case with Ragavan.  The borderless version of the card clocks in at $79.51.

Magic Untapped picked a Modern Horizons 2 prerelease pack from Game Rave in San Diego, Calif., for $59.99.

Watch the video below to see how fortunate (or unfortunate) our pulls were.

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*Pricing by MTGStocks and accurate as of script writing.

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