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Friday, 02 September 2022 09:00

Pack Crackin' - Weatherlight

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Pack Crackin' - Weatherlight WOTC / MAGIC UNTAPPED

In June of 1997, Magic: The Gathering's iconic "Weatherlight Saga" kicked off with the release of the set Weatherlight.  With it came 167 cards, including 50 rares, 55 uncommons, and 62 commons.

Partially due to the set's age and the existence of the Reserved List, there are a handful of cards worth more than just a few bucks in the set, including one card, Null Rod, listing at more than $100 ($125, to be exact)*.

Other valuable cards of note include:

Magic Untapped picked three Weatherlight booster packs from Wasteland Gaming in Duluth, Georgia, for $60 apiece.  That's a whopping $180 for the trio.

Watch the video below to see how fortunate (or unfortunate) our pulls were.

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*Prices accurate as of 8/30/2022 via

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