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A look at Pioneer: The newest way to play 'Magic: The Gathering'

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A look at Pioneer: The newest way to play 'Magic: The Gathering' WOTC/MAGIC UNTAPPED

Wizards of the Coast earlier this week announced a brand new, officially supported format for Magic: The Gathering known as Pioneer.

Since its announcement on Monday, Oct. 21, Pioneer has gotten quite a bit of buzz not just nationwide, but all around the globe.  Just in the USA alone, those Googling "MTG Pioneer" has spiked in recent days -- especially in the states of Rhode Island, Washington, Maine, New Hampshire, and Utah (you know, in case you want to know where the nation's Pioneer hotbeds are going to be).  Just take a look at this map:

MTG Pioneer search map

So, what's it all about and (now that we've had a few days to process it all) what does it all mean?  To see Magic Untapped's full take on the new Pioneer format, be sure to check out the video below:

So, what are your thoughts on Pioneer?  Are you in?  Are you out?  Let us know!

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