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MagiKids: Making Learning Magic at MagicCon Phili

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MagiKids: Making Learning Magic at MagicCon Phili WEIRDCARDS CHARITABLE CLUB

To a person growing up, the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game can be more than just a past time, hobby, or game.  Through the CCG, friendships can be forged, reading and mathematics comprehension can improve, and critical thinking can be honed.

Still, the card game is one that takes an investment of not just time, but also money.  And not everyone has enough of either.

That's where MagiKids, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit comes in.

The charity supports educators, librarians, and community organizers with free Magic: The Gathering kits to teach their communities not just how to play the CCG, but also to allow those who may otherwise not be able to experience it and the sort of community the game fosters to do so.

Some of the MagiKids crew join Magic Untapped to talk about not just the charity and how people can help and take advantage of its services, but also about their upcoming presence at MagicCon Philadelphia in February, as well as about Magic: The Gathering's Oathbreaker format, which some of the people behind MagiKids developed.

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