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Check out these 'Magic: The Gathering' gift ideas for this holiday season

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Artwork from 'Infernal Spawn of Evil'. Artwork from 'Infernal Spawn of Evil'. WOTC/RON SPENCER

Let’s just admit it: Shopping for the perfect Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/whatever gift can be a downright pain in the tuchus.  That can be doubly-true if the person for whom you’re shopping is a big fan of something like, oh, the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Well, to make things a bit easier this year, Magic Untapped has come up with a list of a dozen or so suggestions for Magic players of all shapes and sizes.

And, if none of these call out as the perfect gift for the Magic player in your life, we at Magic Untapped hope they (at the very least) inspire an idea for a different perfect gift.

For the player just starting out:


Core Set 2020 Spellslinger Starter Kit – This kit features everything a new Magic player needs including two ready-to-play 60-card decks, two quick-start guides, two Spindown life counter dice, and a rulebook.


Core Set 2020 Deck Builder’s Toolkit – The Deck Builder’s Toolkit puts 285 cards at the player’s disposal with everything needed to build multiple Magic: The Gathering decks.  Also included are four 15-card booster packs, one deck builder’s guide, and a storage box.


Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker Decks – These 60-card decks are ready to play right out of the box and each feature a deck-exclusive foil Planeswalker card.  Furthermore, they each come bundled with two 15-card booster packs are included.

For the casual player:


Magic: The Gathering Game Night – This self-contained tabletop game is the perfect way to bring the thrill of an all-out magical battle to your friends and family all in one box.  Game Night includes five decks (one for each of the game’s iconic colors) designed for balanced, exciting gameplay in both one-on-one or multiplayer fashion.


Commander 2019 decks – The latest in the annual series of ready-to-play 100 card decks for Magic’s Commander format, these four decks each include three legendary creatures that are fit to command their respective decks.  The decks can be purchased individually or as a set of four (as linked).

For the hardcore player:


Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition  – This Gift Edition of the normal Throne of Eldrain bundle includes all of the usual items found in the basic version (ten booster packs, an oversized Spindown life counter die, 20 foil basic lands, etc.) and adds to it an alternate art, foiled storage box and an 11th Collector Booster containing nine foil cards, four special alternate-frame cards, and at least two rare or mythic rare cards.


Magic: The Gathering singles – No, we don’t mean hooking your Magic friends up on blind dates!  Rather, if there’s a deck they’re a few cards short on completing, find out what they need and sneak them a surprise under the tree.

For the collectors:


Secret Lair Drop Series  – These highly collectible, limited run box sets feature alternate artwork of some of Magic’s most iconic cards, card types, and themes.  From goblins and cat warriors to snow-covered lands and more, once the secrets are out, they’re out for good.  Get them while they last!


Magic: The Gathering chibi keychain set – Officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast, this 18-piece keychain set features six of Magic’s most iconic characters (three of each character) in cute chibi form.  Very kawaii!

For the Magic player who already has everything they need:


Magic: The Gathering Jace bi-fold wallet  – Officially licensed and featuring imprinted artwork, this wallet is the perfect gift for the Magic player who has it all.  It holds not just cash, but also an ID and has room for as many as three credit/debit cards.


Nicol Bolas fleece throw blanket – Measuring 48x60 in size, this fleece throw blanket features the biggest, baddest, most evil Planeswalker ever introduced in Magic: The Gathering: Nicol Bolas.  Officially licensed and machine washable, this blanket is perfect for those cold winter evenings and late-night play sessions.



Planeswalker Symbol Snapback Hat –  This officially licensed snapback ballcap features not only Magic: The Gathering’s iconic Planewalker symbol (in metal, no less), but also cool planeswalker artwork on the underside of the bill.

For those on a budget:


Card sleeves – Considered a necessity amongst Magic players, no deck is really complete unless it’s been sleeved.  There are many brands and types of sleeves to choose from with some featuring gloss finishes and fancy designs, while others are matte and feature solid colors.  Extremely basic sleeves can cost as little as $1.50 per pack, but better quality and more resilient ones are closer to the $5-10 range.


Deck boxes – Once a deck has been built, a player will need something to keep it safe and sound, right?  That’s where deck boxes come in.  Like sleeves, they come in all types with some soft plastic, others hard, and others still with a nice lining inside. Also like sleeves, they don’t have to break the bank with some costing as little as $3-4.

And while shopping online can be convenient, don’t forget to give your local game store a call to see if they carry any of the above items.  They’ll appreciate your patronage!

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