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With nearly 17 years of Modern-legal Magic: The Gathering cards form which to choose, is it of any surprise that many get overlooked?

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Monday, 13 January 2020 09:44

Sweeping bans hit Modern

Oko, a mox, and more are banned from Modern play.

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Wizards of the Coast shakes up a trio of Magic formats with the latest Banned and Restricted update.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 18:41

Urza's Brewery: Bant Infect (Modern)

If you like playing Bant Infact, here's a look at how the deck can compete with today's popular top-tier Modern decks.

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Friday, 26 July 2019 10:24

Modern hits Mythic Championship July 26-28

Magic's Mythic Championship IV features Modern Horizons for the very first time.

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