WotC unveils 30th Anniversary Edition for Magic: The Gathering. MTG players sound off.

30th Anniversary Edition for Magic: The Gathering. (WOTC)

Magic: The Gathering players share their opinions on Magic's 30th Anniversary Edition.

As Wizards of the Coast ramps up celebration of 30 years of its flagship game, Magic: The Gathering, the company has announced MTG's 30th Anniversary Edition, which contains cards from the game's original Beta release.

"To celebrate 30 years of Magic: The Gathering, we knew we had to go big," wrote WotC's Blake Rasmussen in the announcement.  "We had to create an experience for fans new and old that would be worthy of three decades of the original trading card game. We wanted a collectible, commemorative, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing thing that would cement itself in our collective memories as we look toward the next 30 years of Magic."

WotC says 30th Anniversary Edition "is a commemorative, collectible, non-tournament-legal product celebrating 30 years of Magic."

Each box of 30th Anniversary Edition will sell for $999 per box with each box containing four 15-card packs, with each pack consisting of 13 cards in the modern frame (one rare, three uncommons, seven commons, and two basic lands) plus one basic land in the retro frame, one additional retro frame card, and one token.

Notable because these cards will have unique backs and are unable to be used in sanctioned Magic play, 30th Anniversary Edition will include cards on Magic: The Gathering's Reserved List, which is an exhaustive list of cards that the company says will never again be printed.  Senior Magic: The Gathering Designer, Mark Rosewater, pointed out last year on his Tumblr blog that the Reserved List rules only apply to tournament-legal printings of cards.

Magic players and sellers, meanwhile, are sharing their thoughts via social media in regards to the newly announced commemorative product:

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Magic: The Gathering's limited-run 30th Anniversary Edition goes on sale Nov. 28.  For those wanting to see the entire set, WotC has launched a gallery of it all for your viewing pleasure.

Barry White

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