Magic Untapped's articles about the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Recognition honors Hasbro’s leadership and commitment to business integrity through best-in-class ethics, compliance and governance practices.

Back in 2019 Magic gave the rare ruling of removing someone from the Magic Hall of Fame for cheating.

All dual lands seem to come with a heavy price for using them. Well, not all.

Magic Untapped talks to artist and former Magic: The Gathering Art Director Matt Wilson.

Wizards of the Coast shows off Secret Lair x Street Fighter, a Magic: The Gathering/Street Fighter crossover.

In 1999, Magic: The Gathering made a major move into the Asian market and proceeding to create some pricey, very rare cards along the way.

In 1997, a Magic: The Gathering pro tour stop was decided not by gameplay, but by an unfortunate technicality.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku sings "Connected" by Mwk in celebration of the upcoming launch of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Cynthia Williams, previously with Microsoft, appointed to lead Wizards of the Coast and digital gaming business.

The long-time Magic: The Gathering card, Crusade, went from one of the most sought after cards to being totally banned. This is its journey.

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