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Back in 2002, Magic: The Gathering experienced one of it's biggest scandals ever.

Pour one out for Teferi, along with the seven other banned and restricted cards.

For twenty years, Magic: The Gathering card flavor text was rather mixed on where it all came from.

Head designer Mark Rosewater talks about the immediate future of Magic.

Special Magic cards can be anything from dragons to birth announcements.

Are you wondering exactly what this new Jumpstart thing is for Magic: The Gathering?  Don't fret.  We have you covered.

Citing production delays, Wizards of the Coast postpones the release of Commander Collection: Green by three months.

A Malaysian water park with Magic: The Gathering-themed attractions is currently set to open in 2022 … hopefully.

Seven Magic: The Gathering cards are now banned, one is suspended, and one makes a return.

Citing a second wave of the novel coronavirus and feedback from the recent Core Set 2021 prerelease, Wizards of the Coast is temporarily suspending sanctioned in-store play.

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