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Magic: The Gathering's white mana symbol didn't always look like it does today.

Another of Magic: The Gathering's original 25 artists talks shop with Magic Untapped.

Wizards of the Coast has banned the card Field of the Dead from Magic: The Gathering - Arena's Historic format.

What do we think of the newly-unveiled Commander set?

Did you know these 10 cool facts and trivia tidbits about some of the Magic: The Gathering cards you might have in your collection right now?

These four cards are getting an adorable new release.

2019’s announcement of a Netflix show was actually attempt number three by WotC for a TV show or motion picture based on the game.

Wizards of the Coast unveils Prime Slime, the company's next Secret Lair drop for Magic: The Gathering.

Magic players can return to Nicol Bolas' god-worshipping world of Amonkhet as Amonkhet Remastered launches onto MTGA on August 13.

Back in 2002, Magic: The Gathering experienced one of it's biggest scandals ever.

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