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What Wizards of the Coast's June 1st banned & restricted announcements mean for you.

Magic: the Gathering once existed as a Dreamcast game. No, really.

Wizards of the Coast is changing how the game-warping companion mechanic works in an attempt to re-stabilize the game's many formats.

Two powerful and popular cards in Standard wind up on the receiving end of Wizards of the Coast's ban hammer.

Wizards of the Coast is bringing back its "Masters" line with Double Masters, coming out for Magic: The Gathering this August.

Wizards of the Coast delays it’s Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition due to COVID-19.

Yes, DCI card number "1" does, indeed, exist.

The Dream-Den will be empty in two different formats, starting this week.

Did you know these 10 cool facts about some of the Magic: The Gathering cards you might have in your collection right now?

In 2002, a lot of work went into a blink-and-miss-it Magic: The Gathering movie cameo.

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