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Wizards of the Coast has released the official trailer for the upcoming Throne of Eldraine expansion for Magic: The Gathering.

Wizards of the Coast shakes up a trio of Magic formats with the latest Banned and Restricted update.

Disney exiles the upcoming Magic: The Gathering movie as it cancels most in-progress FOX motion picture productions.

After more than 25 years of Magic: The Gathering, there is a surprisingly high number of old-school creatures who still lack their own cards.

Magic's Mythic Championship IV features Modern Horizons for the very first time.

Step inside the Commander Arena with Magic: The Gathering's Commander 2018.

Magic senior designer Gavin Verhey chats about what's soon to come for Magic: The Gathering.

We crack open the new Commander 2017 decks and have at it.

Now that Masters 25 is out, we couldn't help but crack a box open.

Magic R&D Director Aaron Forsythe chats about what's soon to come to Magic as it enters into its 25th year.

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