Let's open up an LGS Magic: The Gathering bundle!

Magic Untapped opens up a Magic: The Gathering bundle put together by LGS Big Brother Games in Sacramento, California.

Magic: The Gathering bundles are nothing new.  After all, Wizards of the Coast has been doing them since introducing the "Fat Packs" some two decades or so ago.

Likewise, some local game stores (LGS) put together their own to offer to their clientele.  Big Brother Comics, a LGS located in downtown Sacramento, has done just that with two offerings: A $20 bundle with three booster packs, two promo packs, ten rares, 40 commons and uncommons, and "other cool stuff," as well as a $60 bundle containing 17 boosters, three promo packs, and five promo cards.

As, at the time, the store was down to a single $60 bundle, Magic Untapped picked up a $20 one.

Watch the video below to see what was inside!

Barry White

Barry White is a longtime Magic: The Gathering player, having started in 1994 shortly before the release of 'Fallen Empires.' After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, he went on to a 15-year journalism career as a writer, reporter, and videographer for three different ABC affiliate newsrooms.