Oathbreaker in 2022: Preconstructed decks and more

Oathbreaker is getting official preconstructed decks courtesy of Weirdcards Charitable Club.

Oathbreaker, a casual format for Magic: The Gathering, has been gaining steam as of late.  As such, there's quite a bit in store for it as the calendar turns towards 2022.  This includes not just work that the folks behind the format are doing alongside the Commander Rules Committee, essentially the ruling body for Magic's popular Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) format, but also the introduction of four preconstruced Oathbreaker decks.

These decks, which will be (initially, at least) in limited supply, can be obtained not in stores, but by making a charitable donation to the MagiKids charity.  And, what's more, each deck will feature a gold foil stamp on both their respective planeswalker card as well as that decks' signature spell.

You can learn all about it and more in the below interview.


Barry White

Barry White is a longtime Magic: The Gathering player, having started in 1994 shortly before the release of 'Fallen Empires.' After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, he went on to a 15-year journalism career as a writer, reporter, and videographer for three different ABC affiliate newsrooms.