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Magic Untapped takes a look back at Odyssey, the first set in Magic: The Gathering's Odyssey block.

Magic: The Gathering designer Gavin Verhey chats with Magic Untapped about the origins of Commander Legends, the color pie, and plays our magic-related game in this exclusive interview.

In this episode of the Magic Untapped Podcast, we talk about the newly-released Magic: The Gathering set, Commander Legends, take a look at a competitive Legacy burn deck, and more.

Stumped on what gifts to get your Magic: The Gathering playing friends and family?  Magic Untapped has you covered!

In this second part of a four-part series, we explore the origins of the man who would become Magic: The Gathering's Archmage Eternal, Jodah.

Magic Untapped highlights the Commander Legends cards we are most excited for.

Magic Untapped cracks open up a trio of booster packs of Dragons of Tarkir, the final set in Magic: The Gathering's Khans block.

Magic Untapped counts ranks Magic: The Gathering's zero casting cost artifacts.

Magic Untapped takes a look back at Apocalypse, the final set in the Invasion block that closes out Magic: The Gathering's iconic Weatherlight Saga.

Magic Untapped takes a look at the artwork of Dragon Mask by Magic: The Gathering one-hit-wonder artist Craig Hooper.

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