Who Is: Titania, Protector of Argoth (Brothers' War Edition)

Not everyone who participated in The Brothers' War did so willingly. 

Not everyone who participated in The Brothers' War did so willingly.

In this video, we take a look at Titania, protector of the island paradise of Argoth who found her island being used as the eventual ground zero for one of the most pivotal and destructive events in Magic: The Gathering history.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to Who Is on Magic Untapped as we continue to look at the origins and backstories of various Magic: The Gathering characters.

Today, we look at one of the notable side characters who got unwillingly pulled into in The Brother’ War: the de-facto ruler and protector of the island forest of Argoth, Titania.


The island of Argoth, just off the shore of Terisiare, was one that was blanketed with lush forests and rich in natural resources.  It was home to many elves and much wildlife since the time of the Thran – a now lost, ancient civilization on the nearby mainland.

The island was ruled by Titania, a maro-sorceress who protected the island’s forest.  To the elves and druids on the island, she was revered as a goddess.  Unfortunately, even a goddess couldn’t ultimately withstand the conflict that was to eventually spill over onto her shores.

Deep into the Brothers’ War, after decades of conflict and resource overexploitation by both Urza’s and Mishra’s sides of the war had left much of the mainland of Terisaire as little more than a blasted landscape, an unfortunate coincidence occurred that would doom the island paradise.

As Harbin, Urza’s son, was scouting for new resources for their side of the war, the ornithopter he was piloting became caught in a crosswind.  He was blown off course and, subsequently, found Argoth – a land that was, at the time, unknown to both Urza and his feuding brother, Mishra.  Harbin brought news of this new land, ripe with resources, back to his father and, quite soon thereafter, Urza moved operations to the island to exploit its resources to tip the war against his brother in his favor.

But the secret got out.  Soon, Mishra and his forces were doing the same.

Titania, however, was having none of it.  She initially tried to use diplomacy and negotiate with the brothers, but those efforts were essentially doomed from the start.

As the brothers’ opposing forces raped the land of all they could, Titania went on the offensive as forest and its inhabitants fought back.  Elves, treefolk, pixies, and even the land itself repeatedly attempted to either kill or expel the two invading armies.  But, as more and more of Argoth’s forest was plundered, the power of its goddess waned.

Soon enough, with much of Argoth already stripped of its beauty and splendor, the brotherly conflict came to its climax.

As Urza, through the use of an ancient artifact known as the Golgothian Sylex, created a blast of nuclear proportion that ended the war once an for all, Argoth – ground zero for the cataclysmic blast – was nearly wiped off the map, reduced to only a few, small, skattered islands that pale in comparison to the near-paradise that once existed.


And with the destruction of Argoth came that of Titania, Protector of Argoth – the maro-sorceress perishing along with the land she tried so desperately to defend.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Who Is here on Magic Untapped.  We only have two more months until the new Magic: The Gathering set, The Brothers’ War, comes out in mid-November, so it’s only suiting we left two of the story’s biggest characters for last.

Be sure to join us in the coming couple of months as we take a look at the story’s two namesake characters: the brothers Mishra and Urza.

I’m Barry White.  Thanks for watching.

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