Bob Ross featured in happy little Secret Lair drop


The artwork of celebrated American painter Bob Ross will be featured in a special Secret Lair drop.

If you've ever appreciated The Joy of Painting, then Wizards of the Coast has a new drop for you. They've partnered with the Bob Ross estate to create a new Secret Lair drop named Happy Little Gathering, which features the artwork of Bob Ross. The set contains two of each basic land, each with a different painting, as well as Evolving Wilds, which lets you search your deck for any basic land. All of the cards in the set will be playable and have normal backing, and can be seen in the header image above.

A second new drop was also announced, named A Box of Rocks. This drop features five different artifacts that can add to your mana pool, with each artifact being drawn by a different artist. The cards in this drop are:

Both of these sets will be available for pre-order from November 30 to December 14 on the Secret Lair website. More information should be available on the site by tomorrow, November 25.

Update: WotC has continued to announce more Secret Lair drops for what they're calling their "Secretversary":

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