Wizards of the Coast unveils new Commander Collection: Green set

Wizards of the Coast announces Commander Collection: Green.

Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast unveiled a new offering for their Commander format, titled Commander Collection: Green. This boxed set contains eight green-colored cards that “showcase the things green mages love to do in Commander”, and all of them feature brand-new art that makes reference to legendary characters. The eight cards included in the set are:

The set will be available in foil and non-foil variants, though only WPN Premium stores will be able to order the foil sets. Commander Collection: Green will be available for purchase in stores on December 4. The announcement did not specify a price.

When I first heard of the existence of this set, I was worried that all of the cards would have perfect synergy with each other, and anyone who bought the set would be railroaded into a certain style of play. Looking at the specific cards chosen, however, I like the idea of this set a lot more. The chosen cards offer a handful of different strategies to the player, letting people choose what to build around and focus on. The collection feels like an enhancement more than anything, which is clearly what they were going for. I hope that this set, along with the newly-revealed Commander Legends, brings more interest to the most wild and turbulent format I’ve played.

My biggest concern is not the contents of the set, but the release plans. At this point it still seems overly optimistic to think that stores will be able to open up in December, and in addition to being a health risk, this strategy will naturally favor stores that are capable of opening up in some way, while other stores may suffer from this. Wizards of the Coast should be offering all of their products for home delivery, at least for now.

There has been no word yet on additional color sets for Commander Collection, but hopefully the other color sets are as fun as Green appears to be. Stay tuned to Magic Untapped for more information.

Jim Avery

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