Special Cowboy Bebop promo cards announced for Magic: The Gathering


Wizards of the Coast has announced a special collaboration with the Japanese animation studio, Sunrise, to bring Cowboy Bebop promo cards to Magic: The Gathering for a limited time.

For the collaboration, which ties into the recently-released set Magic set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, five foil cards will be released featuring artwork from the anime.  These cards will be available to those who participate on weekly Standard Showdown events at local WPN stores beginning August 2024 and going through May 2025:

  • Ossification (Aug. 2 - Sept. 19)
  • Disdainful Stroke (Sept. 27 - Nov. 7)
  • Go for the Throat (Nov. 15 - Jan 30)
  • Lightning Strike (Feb. 7 - March 2)
  • Snakeskin Veil (Apr. 4 - May 29)

Check them out:

The gaming company and anime studio also collaborated for a special Magic: The Gathering adaptation of the Cowboy Bebop opening complete with the anime's iconic theme song, "Tank" by The Seatbelts.

See you, Magic Space Cowboy.

Barry White

Barry White is a longtime Magic: The Gathering player, having started in 1994 shortly before the release of 'Fallen Empires.' After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, he went on to a 15-year journalism career as a writer, reporter, and videographer for three different ABC affiliate newsrooms.