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Snow in Magic: A grand and season-appropriate experiment that never really got its due.

Magic Untapped looks back at where some of the most iconic characters in Magic: The Gathering made their debut.  The results may surprise you!

Magic Untapped takes a few minutes to look back at Weatherlight, the the set that starts off the greatest story arc in Magic: The Gathering history.

Magic Untapped counts down Magic: The Gathering's ten best counterspells in a new segment we call "The Spindown."

Magic Untapped sits down with Magic: The Gathering artist Ryan Pancoast.

It's that time of year again and Magic Untapped has our list of some of the best gift options for the Magic: The Gathering players in your life!

One of the most infamous creatures in Magic history was actually the brainchild of two fans from Wisconsin.

Magic Untapped takes a few minutes to look back at Visions, the second half of a Magic: The Gathering "super set" that was once known as Menagerie.

We look back at the work of one of Magic's most famous artists.

In the early 2000s, a brand new creature type was becoming the center of winning decks everywhere.

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