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For six years, many Magic: The Gathering players depended on Magic phonecards to know their rankings.

Wizards of the Coast is bringing Magic: The Gathering - Arena to Macintosh computers June 25.

Wizards of the Coast has removed seven Magic: The Gathering cards from the game due to racist depictions and offensive overtones and says more may be on their way out.

Since 1996, Magic: The Gathering expansions have always been called something different during planning, design, and development.

Wizards of the Coast announced the end of Welcome Decks for new Magic: The Gathering players, instead replacing them with Welcome Boosters

Wizards of the Coast has revealed all eight cards that Magic: The Gathering players can expect to find in the upcoming Signature Spellbook: Chandra.

What Wizards of the Coast's June 1st banned & restricted announcements mean for you.

Magic: the Gathering once existed as a Dreamcast game. No, really.

Wizards of the Coast is changing how the game-warping companion mechanic works in an attempt to re-stabilize the game's many formats.

Two powerful and popular cards in Standard wind up on the receiving end of Wizards of the Coast's ban hammer.

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